The company

Breslmair combines passion and tradition into a sonorous experience - for all those who carry music in their hearts.

There are no good or bad mouthpieces - only suitable or unsuitable ones. Just as every country has its own language and every region its own peculiarities, instruments and mouthpieces also have characteristics that try to do justice to their mentality. We have made it our task to bring you to your perfect sound experience through constant further development of our products.

The team

The Viennese Sound Style

A term that brought Austrian orchestras and musicians worldwide recognition and admiration at the same time.

Our mouthpieces help to maintain and preserve this style of sound. But it is also our goal to help shape and pass on this style. The diverse demands on musicians and the constant striving for even more differentiated expression in playing cannot and must not leave a responsible instrument or mouthpiece manufacturer without a trace.

For this reason, we try to make your often difficult task easier by constantly developing our products. You should be able to choose a mouthpiece that offers you the greatest possible flexibility in achieving your tone colour, style and comfort.

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