Tuba - A new generation

In cooperation with Jakob Wenigwieser, a fabulous new generation of Breslmair tuba mouthpieces has been developed. What distinguishes the Tuba New Generation mouthpieces? What were they developed for?

Different feel gold/silver

Every musician has his or her preference when it comes to the mouthpiece surface. But where are the big differences? What differentiates a gold-plated from a silver-plated mouthpiece rim? Karl, Lukas and Peter explain...

The booster for trumpet mouthpieces

A novelty in the mouthpiece scene - the booster. Have you ever wondered which version of the booster is ideal for you and your mouthpiece? In this video Peter explains...

The expansion of the mouthpiece range

Breslmair Vienna does not only produce trumpet mouthpieces. Mouthpieces are also produced for flugelhorn, trombone, horn and tuba. But how did the expansion of the product range come about?

The engraving "Vienna

Some of you may have noticed that our mouthpieces are engraved with the word "Vienna". In this living room talk, Lukas and Karl Breslmair tell you why this is so...

The mouthpiece designation G1

The Breslmair G1 mouthpiece is widely known. But where does this name come from, and why does this mouthpiece bear this name at all? In a living room conversation, Lukas and Karl tell you how it...

The booster

The newly developed booster is the preliminary stage of our "ecovib" mouthpiece series. Vibrations at the mouthpiece and leadpipe are lost energy. Power that the wind player has to provide in some form...
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